Pfeifer Beschläge GmbH & Co. KG

New website + Online Quote system with over 2500 unique Products & Variations

New Website +
Online Quote System

Pfeifer Beschläge is a medium sized company located in the state of Bavaria, in southern Germany.

Their two main areas of focus are:
— mass manufacturing of small metal fittings
— production of custom, made to order metal parts


Web Development
Web Design
Google Adwords (PPC)

Results Overview

+480% Organic Website Traffic
-34% CAC Cost
Over 470~ Monthly Quote Requests

The Challenge

The main problem Pfeifer Beschläge has always had is that they provide a wide range of services but people (even existing clients) weren't aware of even half of them.

Paired with the fact that their online presence solely consisted of a terribly outdated website, it was clear they were in need of a serious digital presence boost.

The Website

New Website



Their previous website was old fashioned and, quiet frankly, just terrible.

We opted for a simple yet easy-to-navigate style of layout, which we feel perfectly blends the aspects that are design and usabilty.

Color Pallet

WordPress was our CMS of choice for this project

Back-end & CMS

Whilst a good design is important, an equally good and robust back-end structure is just as (if not more) important.

Our setup ensures consistant loading speeds, daily cloud backups, and an easy to use CMS.

Tools & Platforms we used


Mobile Emphasis

We made sure that the mobile version of the design was clean and segmented, making for an optimal exprience, with emphasis on ease of navigation

MOBILE SPEED in 2020 is a must !

Previously, the website was experiencing a mobile bounce rate (how many people exit the website within a few seconds) of roughly 80%.
We managed to reduce that to about half within the first few days of launching the new website.



Throughout the entire development and design process, we always make sure that whatever we do is in the best interest of the SEO of the website.

We really made some huge improvements, with the total clicks going up exponentially, and the
CTR (Click-Through-Rate) increasing tenfold.

Tools we use to achieve search excellence

Online Quote System

Online Quote System


Catalogue Digitalization

The first challenge was taking the 200+ pages of products and making a database with all the relevant information.

With over 400 unique products, with each of them having an average 6 different variations/options, that's... well... a lot of data entry, to say the least.

We used WooCommerce as the base, and then a specialized quote-system plugin made by YITH

Back-end & Product Config.

Once we had finally completed the fully digitalized catalog, it was time to actually input the data and configurate the products.

It was crucial that each product had a unique SKU, but also a unique number for each of its variations.

For example, the number for a metal shutter clasp is 42.01.1, but when the WHITE-COATING option is selected, the number changes to 42.01.8

Platforms & TOOLS WE USED


Finishing Touches

Once all the products had been configured, all that was left to do was to touch-up a few imperfections, thoroughly test the website in its entirety, and launch it.

As for the design, we opted for a very similar layout and style as the main homepage. However, we decided to make some coloring changes, in order to help users easily differentiate between the quote-system part of the website and the standard homepage.

Google Adwords

The Results

“We’re extremely happy with our new website and our new online quote request system. RienziMedia also set up a highly effective PPC advertising campaign, and combined with SEO we see consistent monthly growth in our online presence.”

— Managing Director, Pfeifer Beschläge GmbH & Co. KG

— Managing Director,
Pfeifer Beschläge GmbH & Co. KG


Customer Acquisition Cost


Avg. CTR (ClickThroughRate)

Amount of Local Brand Awareness


Avg. Monthly Quote Requests



Customer Acquisition Cost


Avg. CTR

Amount of Local Brand Awareness


Avg. Monthly
Quote Requests