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Who are Reek & Dalli?

Reek & Dalli are a full-service management company, specializing in vacation rentals and property management along the Costa del Sol, Spain.

They are one of the leading vacation rental management companies in the area, actively managing over 100 properties.

The Overall Goal

To keep it simple, the objective was to increase the number of properties they have under active management.

We were going to do this by consistently capturing high-quality leads in a cost-effective way.

Our Plan of Action

We knew we had to get creative, as competition for property management services is extremely high along the Costa del Sol.

1) Website Refresh

We re-structured their website, making it clearer what their service offerings are, as well as what differentiates them from the competition.

Every page was re-designed, made to be mobile responsive, and had an emphasis on encouraging further contact.

The goal here was to increase the average user time on the website as well as the number of contact requests, and overall to have a more presentable website that's easy to navigate.

2) Research

We started off by looking into which advertising platform would work best for capturing their ideal client.

By analyzing previous campaigns and data, as well as running a few test ads, we were finally able to determine the best platform for acquiring high quality leads.

3) Lead Generation

We decided that Google Ads was going to allow Reek & Dalli to get the most out of their marketing budget, as their ads would only be visible to people intentionally searching for their services, which is know as intent-based marketing.


We went for a two-campaign approach —

— one which would capture prospects who are currently in or near the service area, which in this case is the Costa del Sol, and another campaign that would cleverly capture prospects who are not currently in the area, but who still qualify for their services.

We went with this strategy in order to be able to have a wider reach, whilst still only getting clicks from qualified prospects.


We can't just give away our secrets....however what we can say is that we did extensive keyword research in order to find the best possible search terms.

Little to no data was available online, therefore we had to do a lot of trial and error. However, we are now happy to say that we have the highest-converting keywords in the niche.

Ads, Headlines, Descriptions, etc.

We went for a "start wide, then narrow down" strategy with the ads themselves.

We started off with a variety of headline and description combinations, and eventually found the ones that did the best job of grabbing people's attention, as well as converting them into high-quality leads.

4) Landing Pages

The final, yet most important, piece of the puzzle. This is where we had to make sure that the clicks Reek & Dalli were paying for were actually being converted into leads, and eventually new clients.

Overall Structure

We've found that when it comes to a high-ticket service it's best to have an information-heavy landing page.

We're not going for a quick sell here - we're showcasing why Reek & Dalli is the management company to go with.

Design & Flow

We ensured that the design of the landing pages stayed consistent with the rest of the Reek & Dalli brand.

Our focus was to get users to effortlessly follow the flow we had created, with the ultimate goal of pushing them towards the next step - submitting their information in the lead form.


We ensured that it is clear this is a landing page where people can sign-up for the service, whilst also not appearing too pushy or intrusive.

Avoiding Bad Leads

We needed a way of filtering out the time-wasters, whilst still encouraging serious prospects to complete the lead form.

We put forward a good value proposition, such as a free rental forecast, and then ask prospects to give us some basic information.

This encourages serious enquiries from people who actually are in need of the service, whilst also discouraging people who are just browsing around without serious intentions.

Collecting Leads

We seamlessly integrated Reek & Dalli's CRM with the lead forms, meaning that as soon as lead comes in, they are notified and ready to follow-up as soon as possible.

Automatic Follow-Up

We configured and set up a custom email follow-up system, which serves as another layer of pre-qualification, as well as a great way to keep prospects engaged.

4) Active Management

We went for a very hands-on approach in order to fully optimise the strategy and ensure Reek & Dalli was getting the most out of their ad budget.

We will spare you the details - but we were logging in every day, watching user recordings on the website, gathering data and trends from Google Ads & Analytics, and constantly tweaking the landing pages.

Eventually, we found what works best for the ads and the landing pages. However, we still keep a close eye on things and make improvements whenever we spot an opportunity to increase the conversion rate, and lower the client acquisition cost.

The Results

Thanks to our efforts, Reek & Dalli are now consistently acquiring leads for under €20, which when converted into clients have a lifetime value in the high thousands.

More importantly, they're consistently signing up new properties for both their vacation rental and property management services.


Click to Lead Conv. Rate

Over 25x

return on ad-spend


Average Cost Per Lead

In Conclusion

As a result of our plan and active management in place, Reek & Dalli's website is stronger, their ads are actively acquiring leads, their landing pages are converting at a high rate, and most importantly - their marketing budget is being spent as effectively as possible.

"Thank you to RienziMedia for completely turning around our online presence and making it finally deliver consistent results. We're happy to have RienziMedia manage our lead generation ads on a monthly basis. The results speak for themselves."

— Nicolas | Founder of Reek & Dalli