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We focus on providing cost effective digital marketing, allowing small businesses with relatively small budgets to maximise every penny spent. 

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PPC Advertising

Historically effective

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising has been around for almost two decades, but still remains one of the best sales-oriented digital marketing tactics.

PPC is also relatively lower risk than other forms of digital marketing, since you only pay when someone clicks. The most used forms of PPC advertising are Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.


Influencer Marketing

The new way forward

Influencer marketing is essentially using social media influencers (someone who has established credibility and amassed a following on any number of social platforms) to promote and endorse your products or services.

It is highly effective, and relatively underpriced, which is why we urge all our clients to allocate much more if not any of their budget towards it.


Essential for most

In the year 2019, SEO is a widely known and used term, with an endless amount of agencies and experts doing it. Where we have an advantage is in the fact that we also design and develop websites, which gives us a better understanding of what truely needs to be done, and how it should really be implemented.

Replace the organic reach aspect of SEO and you have SEM (Search Engine Marketing). It is essentially PPC Advertising on the major search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo).

Social Media Marketing

It’s all about brand

Social media marketing covers many forms of marketing, such as video marketingcontent marketing, copywriting, etc. We believe it’s best used for building brand equity, and providing as much value and content as possible.

We separate it into two sections: Organic vs Payed media. Organic is essentially just posting interesting and engaging content across multiple platforms.
Payed is running the likes of Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Snapchat Ads, etc. and incorporating Influencer Marketing to increase brand awareness, as well as to sell products and services.

Email Marketing

Indispensable for eCommerce

Despite declining open rates, which are due to everybody’s inboxes being full of offers and promotions, Email marketing is still often ROI positive, especially for eCommerce stores.

With thanks to the complexity of the specific segmentation and grouping possibilities most top end newsletter service providers provide, it’s become much easier to target and re-market to a group of people based on their interests and previous activity on the site, which leads to much higher conversion rates. 

Sales Funnel Optimization

More efficiency, more conversions

Sales funnel optimization is essentially taking the journey a customer goes through before making an action (e.g. purchasing an online course) and trying to make it better and more effective.

An infinite amount of variables can affect a business’ sales funnel — really basic and common ones include font sizes, color, headlines, purchasing paths, etc. Sales funnel optimization is an endless game of testing and going with what works best. When done correctly, it can yield fantastic resutls. 

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